The Art of Transformational Voice


Jocelyn Rasmussen, MMUS began her career singing and composing popular and jazz repertoire. She later studied and performed opera and other classical repertoire. In 1995 she founded More Than Singing and More Than Speaking in New York City where she has presented seminars at the New York Open Center, the Learning Annex, the New Triad Foundation for the Performing Arts at the Julliard School, LaGuardia College and One Voice New York. She has also presented at Culver City College in Los Angeles, Pfizer, Inc., Corcoran Real Estate, the First International Women’s Teleconference and the Possible Women Leadership Conference. Her audio program, A Vocal Tune-Up for Speakers, is available as a CD or MP3 download. She has been a guest on the Internet Radio programs Sing 4 All and Followers of the Way. Her article “The Voice As Spiritual Ally” was published in Mystic Pop Magazine, May/June 2007. The New York Daily News, US Weekly and Star Magazine have interviewed her as a voice and communications expert. The album Just Love Away, recorded in New York City in 2000, features Jocelyn singing her original compositions.



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