The Art of Transformational Voice

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In a world of genetically modified everything and countless formulas for success, what does it mean to have our authentic voice?

It means no one else can tell us what to use our voice for, but they can recognize when we are expressing authentically.

It means although others may support us, we have to do our own hard work.

It means we have to understand for ourselves the physical laws that govern vocal and expressive function. Others can help us learn them, but we have to choose to use them.

It means we have to enter into the precious adventure of our own life and determine what it is that we uniquely have to say. No one else can enter into this for us. They can only wait at the gates.

It means entering into our mind, the wild creative impulse and the capacity for personal wisdom.

It means entering into our heart and the shattering brilliance of love.

It means entering into our spirituality, the whole mystery and revelation of it.

It means entering into our humanity, the whole sensual glory and mess of it.

And when we return to community to express ourselves, it means we reserve our voice for truth.

Our creations may never enter the market place, but we must never take this personally or think our gift is diminished. This simply means we get to be grateful for the gift so generously given to us for our own evolution and ecstasy. It means we can give it away without fear of loss or lack.


How Do I Change My Voice?

One way or another, people have an idea of how they would like to sound. Sometimes they wish they could sound like someone they imitate in the shower or at karaoke. In other cases, they’d like to sound lower or higher, less nasal or raspy. Maybe they want to sound sexy or trustworthy. Teenagers hope to sound older and aging singers long to get their high notes back. There are a lot of different sounds people imagine their voice can produce in order to help them improve some aspect of their lives. The trouble with focusing on how they want to sound is that people usually end up manipulating the voice and creating functional problems.

There are voice types just as there are body types, and the nature of the voice determines, to a large degree, what is possible.

Every experience a person has lived through also influences the quality of the voice.

An authentic voice will have an utterly unique, distinctive quality. It won’t sound like someone else and that is an ingredient for success.

The best and fastest way to change the voice is to refine its natural function. Instead of wanting a different voice, shift the focus to reveal the innate voice and love it for what it is.