The Art of Transformational Voice

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We don’t give how good we are at singing or speaking.

We give our messages through singing and speaking.

The message is our purpose.

We don’t have to wait to be technically advanced at singing before we can pour our selves into it. We all know of successful artists who don’t have a huge range, a great arsenal of vocal pyrotechnics, or a very sensual beauty in their tone, but the people in the packed arenas didn’t come to hear how good they are. They came to be moved.

The reason to work at vocal and expressive development is to be a clearer, more eloquent channel for one’s message. Developing vocal excellence enlivens physicality, inspires mental clarity and supports emotional balance. It wakens, fuels and spends creativity. People are enlivened as they listen.

The most compelling performers and presenters have something to say. They love what they have to say, and they love saying it. They love you for listening.

I encourage you, with all my heart and soul, not to wait. To the best of your ability, share what has deep purpose and meaning for you. It will grow. We will all grow together.



In a world of genetically modified everything and countless formulas for success, what does it mean to have our authentic voice?

It means no one else can tell us what to use our voice for, but they can recognize when we are expressing authentically.

It means although others may support us, we have to do our own hard work.

It means we have to understand for ourselves the physical laws that govern vocal and expressive function. Others can help us learn them, but we have to choose to use them.

It means we have to enter into the precious adventure of our own life and determine what it is that we uniquely have to say. No one else can enter into this for us. They can only wait at the gates.

It means entering into our mind, the wild creative impulse and the capacity for personal wisdom.

It means entering into our heart and the shattering brilliance of love.

It means entering into our spirituality, the whole mystery and revelation of it.

It means entering into our humanity, the whole sensual glory and mess of it.

And when we return to community to express ourselves, it means we reserve our voice for truth.

Our creations may never enter the market place, but we must never take this personally or think our gift is diminished. This simply means we get to be grateful for the gift so generously given to us for our own evolution and ecstasy. It means we can give it away without fear of loss or lack.